I speak at a variety of events, conferences, and retreats. I also facilitate leadership development conversations with business leaders, educators, and key influences.

From the beginning my goal has been simple: to support leadership development within organizations and individuals

I’d love to learn how I can help you! If you need a speaker for your event, or want to learn more about me submit this form. I will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

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Our Brand Promise -  

“We promise to deliver practical advice in a safe space where you can learn and grow.”

WiseWood, LLC is a leadership development company located in Ohio. We specialize in 

helping people-first organizations

develop whole leaders.


Interactive and Informative 

Sometime training can be boring. We strive to keep our workshops engaging and interactive. We currently have a large selection of business and leadership workshops to choose from. 


Next Level

Do you have a training and development program already? We offer personal consulting to evaluate your current program and offer suggestions, actions and practical advice to take your program to the next level.


For High Potential Individuals

Did you know that even superstars get stuck and need help to move to their next level? In our coaching practice we help high potential individuals focus, plan and take action to achieve their full potential. 


Interactive Keynotes

Interactive Keynotes get the audience involved in the conversation, no matter what the topic is.




Kim Nathan, RN

Director Union Hospital

Truly passionate...

"If you have the opportunity to hear Sarah, don’t miss it! She is truly passionate in her dialogue and speaks from not only the head but from the soul. Her life experiences on relationship building comes through in a lively and spirited expression that keeps you engaged and captivated."

Heather Milburn

Firm Administrator at Investment Partners, LTD

Her true calling...

"I had the opportunity to hear Sarah speak in a couple different speaking engagements with very different audiences. She successfully delivered leadership training to a classroom of business professionals, who were embarking on a 10 month long leadership program. Sarah’s communication skills were portrayed in her delivery and instruction to the class. The second opportunity, what I consider to be her true calling, was when she had the opportunity to present herself, as a unique individual sharing her personal experiences and passions connecting with a very wide range of teenagers, no easy task. Sarah’s delivery was engaging and set her apart as an authentic, effective speaker."

- Sheryl Roush,

Author, Heart of a Woman in Business 


"Lack of efficient soft skills are what keeps most employees from earning their next promotion. The need for authentic connection in today's workplace is at an all-time high. Impeccable timing for this book, as it's an inspiring guide, straight-forward, and well thought out with a plan for fulfilling career success. Follow Sarah's strategic mentoring and catapult through any glass ceiling to live your dream and your heart's calling."