Share your thoughts on art. One  card of each of the hymns series.


4 Cards with envelops. Cards are blank inside.

Horizontal Folded Note Cards - 5"x5" note cards


Hymns | series was inspired by old-time worship hymns and a celebration of women.


How Great Thou Art. This painting celebrates the miracle of creation and motherhood. How amazing is it that we exist? That we can cuddle, love, and celebrate creation though our interactions with babies, who have the potential to grow up to be amazing people.


His Eye Is on the Sparrow. In many of my paintings, I celebrate women. As I painting this, I was delighted and tickled that I painted God as a woman. It opens up the exploration that we don't know what God looks like while celebrating the care and compassion of even small, seemingly insignificant parts of our world.


Old-time religion. Old-time religion was first heard sung by African-Americans. This painting inspired a modern twist by painting a modern young black woman with her baby with a cross in the background—an embracing of old traditions and new.


In the garden: This hymn talks about dew being on the roses. I put a twist on it because dandelions, even though we refer to them as a weed, they are just as crucial in creation and beautiful in their way. This is my mom's favorite hymn.


Hymns series | Note cards