This is one of the be·com·ing series. Embracing Light and Darkness. There is a poem on the canvas that was written just for that piece by me. I will include a printed copy with the piece.

The canvas size is 20"x16" it is framed it with a black floating frame.


Embracing Light and Darkness Poem

Born pure light

Exuberantly illuminating

Frightened by parts of our whole

Slowly reject small fragile pieces

trying to conform to expectations.

Rejected pieces of light

creating shades of darkness inside our soul.

Unexplored pieces

leave us broken, cracked, sometimes shattered.

Transforming, Learning, embracing pure light

accepting rejected parts pushed into blackness

softly reignite.

Find peace – celebration

Create spaces within.

Never fully repaired but whole, nonetheless.

Finding courage

fully embracing

our light shines

pure light rediscover

Original - be·com·ing | Embracing Light and Darkness